Jack (stochasticjack) wrote,

I Need A Job

Usually my titles are a little more subtle than that.

I got last week's Statistics quizzes back and I got perfect scores on both of them. I turned in my research paper for Rhetoric and I feel pretty good about it. I took my latest Japanese exam and I feel pretty okay about that as well. Tomorrow I will register for Spring quarter. I had a plan all set up, but two of the classes I wanted are already full, so I've had to rearrange a few things.

School is, not to put too fine a point on it, awesome. I am loving this. I could use a part-time job, though, to help with the money, and I'm definitely gonna need something for the summer, when I won't have financial aid money to tide me over. I'll keep casting bread upon the waters, I suppose.

- - -

Looking back at some old stuff I've written about Japan. Here's something random.

I have been on the Keisei Skyliner exactly twice. The Skyliner is a high-speed train that runs from New Tokyo International Airport (popularly known as Narita) to Ueno Station in Tokyo. There are other options, most notably the N'Ex Narita Express, run by Japan Rail. There are also shuttle buses or the famous two-hundred dollar taxis. It's about fifty miles on some expensive toll roads from the airport to downtown Tokyo, which explains the crazy cost. If you had to take a taxi from SeaTac to Cle Elum, it would probably burn up your Discover card, too.

The Skyliner is a pretty cheap option and very nice, especially if you're headed for Ueno or Asakusa. I was staying in Asakusa the first time I went to Tokyo, so I bought a ticket on a smoking car and sat there with a pack of Cabins and a bottle of hot green tea.

I stared out the window and watched the countryside slowly build up and become more urban, Right as the sun was setting, I saw something that caught my eye.

"Hey, wow," I said to myself, "a Toyopet dealership. I'll have to tell Martial I saw that."

Then I went on to have one of my best vacations ever.

Fast-forward nearly ten years. I had saved up a bunch of money from my job driving truck and had bought tickets for Martial and I to visit Japan. We flew into Tokyo, as he had never been there (or anywhere in Japan, for that matter), and, as we were staying in Ueno, we bought tickets on the Skyliner. It was a non-smoking car this time, since I had quit smoking long before, but it was the same trip that I remembered.

We were both fairly tired; we had both tried to sleep on the noisy Airbus but couldn't get comfortable in the tiny seats. We were also in that kind of weird exhausted/euphoric state you get at the beginning of vacations when you've finally arrived at your destination after all the planning.

It was snowing, a rare event in Tokyo, so we were both commenting on that. I gave Martial the window seat so he could look out at the scenery.

We rounded a bend just as the sun was going down.

"Oh, look," said Martial. "There's a Toyopet dealership."
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